About us


Tokan (Changshu) High Technology Containers Co., Ltd. (TCH) located in the vicinity of Shanghai belongs to TOKAN KOGYO Co.,Ltd. (TKK) in Japan TKK pioneered oxygen barrier and multi-layered plastic containers called “LAMICON” to the world.

Our mission is to contribute to safety and security of food in China. By utilizing the highest levels of technology and combined know-how of multi-layered plastic containers furnished in Japan, we can offer you the best ideas for packages worldwide.

Tokan (Changshu) High Technology Containers Co., Ltd.

TCH was established in December 2006 by TOKAN KOGYO Co.,Ltd. (TKK) in Changshu Dongnan Economic Development Zone. The current registered capital is USD51 million, with a total investment of USD153 million. Among these, TKK own 80.39%, and TOYO SEIKAN Co., Ltd. own 19.61%. TOKAN KOGYO Co., Ltd. was established in 1943, and leads the industry of packages in the world, specializing in the production and sales of containers. 

1. Packages and containers are the main lines of our business. We will continue creating products and related systems in the harmony with the needs of society and the environment. It contributed to the enhancement of life for next generations.
2, Quality is our top priority. As experts in the packaging and container industry, we strive to improve our skills and expertise in this ever evolving industry. Customers’ appreciation and trust are the essential parts of TCH.3. Individuality and diversity of our employee are the base for the challenge to change and creation. That contributes to making our company’s climate vivid.
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