Tokan (Changshu) High Technology Containers Co., Ltd.

Tokan (Changshu) High Technology Containers Co., Ltd. (TCH) located in the vicinity of Shanghai belongs to TOKAN KOGYO Co.,Ltd. (TKK) in Japan TKK pioneered oxygen barrier and multi-layered plastic containers called “LAMICON” to the world. Our mission is to contribute to safety and security of food in China. By utilizing the highest levels of technology and combined know-how of multi-layered plastic containers furnished in Japan, we can offer you the best ideas for packages worldwide.


  • The 9th Shanghai International Expo of Canned Food, Raw Materials and Accessories, Machinery and Equipment will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from May 9 to May 12, 2018 Our company will develop at that time Welcome to visit the guide Our booth number is N5D104 detail...
  • Our company held Longchongdian on December 21, 2016, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the company! Dongcan (Changshu) is a multi-layer resin container with oxygen isolation developed by Japan Dongcan Hing Co , Ltd in China in 2006 It has been devoted to the food packaging market of China for the Chinese people in the past ten years On the occasion of this celebration, I would like to thank the Chinese food enterprises that have cooperated closely for a long time for making new food contadetail...


LAMICON is the general name of multi-layer resin container with aerobic isolation function, which is developed by Dongyang Tank Group leading the world. Our company's air-tight products are divided into sheet, Cup & amp, shallow plate and bottle because of different production processes. The function (oxygen isolation) of these products is basically the same as that of raw materials.