Product Name: PP95-500U
Unit Weight: 7.9g
Full-Height: 133.4
Outer diameter: 95.0mm
Features: High transparency; Good heat resistance; using for both and hot drinking.


The caps can be used with JHP-350 resin bottles and JHP-584 resin bottles.


Multilayer sheet for sheet forming. As long as there is a forming machine, multi-layer containers with oxygen isolation can be simply produced. Width and thickness of sheets can be produced according to customer's requirements.

The color can be divided into two types: white and natural color which can show the content. According to the use, it can be divided into five kinds, seven layers and seven kinds, nine layers.


It will replace glass bottles to become the next generation of bottles.

Both inner and outer resins are possible, depending on the content of PP. PE. At the same time, it corresponds to four kinds of six-layer containers. It also accepts bottle caps for La Mi Kong bottles.

Product details

According to the shallow cup & amp; shallow plate forming method and oxygen insulation layer, it can be divided into two categories and four types. It can also be colored as required.

① The remarkable transparency of SPPF products makes the content noticeable.
② Vacuum forming products have excellent stability at high temperature and are suitable for distillation and sterilization.
③ Standard models are standard models of containers with all the basic properties of La Tiao.
④ The high isolation type pays more attention to oxygen isolation than the general container.

Product details