World first technology

No spray coating is required, and direct bottle blowing process is used.
Molded "Plastic Bottle with Metal Layer Sense"
Compared with the previous plastic bottles, they are more attractive, high-level, pursuing the design concept of washing and nursing products, so as to achieve product differentiation.
This bottle is a “metallic plastic bottle” molded by direct blowing method without spraying. It enable differentiation from existing plastic bottles in areas better designs are required, such as personal care, due to its enhanced visual appeal by premium look.

Frame Center

Metallic scale

It can achieve the same appearance as the aluminium wire embossing plate which is often used in the areas of the lid of beverage cans and so on. It has been successfully realized on plastic bottles.
And can correspond to a variety of color variability and diversification.
It has the same metallic scale as rolled aluminum pates used for an end of beverage cans. This technology is applicable to various colors.

Frame Right


Because transparent glossy resin is used on the top of the bottle, it can make the appearance of glass feel.
Its gloss is as well as that of glass plates, because of a transparent and glossy resin in the outer layer.


No solvents and coatings were used, but compared with the bottles of finishing process, it has advantages in environmental protection and low price.
It is greener and less expensive than sprayed bottles, since solvents and paints are not necessary.


According to the shallow cup & amp; shallow plate forming method and oxygen insulation layer, it can be divided into two categories and four types. It can also be colored as required.

① The remarkable transparency of SPPF products makes the content noticeable.
② Vacuum forming products have excellent stability at high temperature and are suitable for distillation and sterilization.
③ Standard models are standard models of containers with all the basic properties of La Ti air.
④ The high isolation type pays more attention to oxygen isolation than the general container.

Product details

Multilayer sheet for sheet forming. As long as there is a forming machine, multi-layer containers with oxygen isolation can be simply produced. Width and thickness of sheets can be produced according to customer's requirements

The color can be divided into two types: white and natural color which can show the content. According to the use, it can be divided into five kinds, seven layers and seven kinds, nine layers.